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Hiding Place April 5, 2020

For the Hiding Place sermon on YouTube click on

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Jesus - The Greatest Life of All - December 9, 2012

Sunday Service - 10:45 am - Airline Manor Baptist Church @ Parker and Nordling, Houston Texas


Lesson of the Week

Pastor Riley Hamilton - Airline Manor Baptist Church

When the Bible Speaks, God Speaks Part 1

Lesson Notes:

 2 Timothy 2:15


"Be diligent to present yourselves approved unto God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of God."

Six Rules of Biblical Interpretation

Rule 1: The Bible as God's word is our sole guide & authority for faith & practice.

Rule 2: The primary theme of revelation is redemption.

Rule 3: The revelation of God is a progressive revelation.

Rule 4: To discover what the scripture meant to the original readers.

Rule 5: Scripture interprets Scripture.

Rule 6: We must take into account the literary character of the book.

Exposition:(2 Timothy 2:15)


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